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Opening session
eHealth technologies  for the citizen centred health system Jean-Claude Healy
Innovation and know-how transfer: critical success factors of the Swiss medical technology Gilberto Bestetti
Wearing technology to enable personalized health Andreas Lymberis, Rainer Guenzler
The European technology platform for textiles Lutz Walter
The Rhone-Alpes area technology platform for textiles and paper Isabelle Chartier
The mangement of chronic disease in the home, the community and GP offices Branko Celler
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Session 1
Wearable systems to improve Parkinson's Control Therapy Paolo Bonato, Todd Hester, Shyamal Patel, Richard Hughes, Delsey Sherrill, Alice Flaherty, Nancy Huggins, David Standaert
Acute and emergency situation management using smart fabrics8 Annalisa Bonfiglio, Isabelle Chartier, Danilo de Rossi
Human energy expenditure measurement Olivier Deriaz
A new paradigm for HF disease management using implantable haemodynamic monitors Michael Hill
Implantable micro- electro-mechanical relay array Nico de Rooij, Michael Zickar, Wilfried Noell, Rogier Receveur, Vincent Larik
Wearable microsystems for the sport industry Claude Stricker
From smart home to smart care : pervasive assistance for cognitively impaired people Sylvain Giroux
Flexible technologies for health for smart sensors, clothing and house André Dittmar, Claudine Gehin, Georges Delhomme, Michael Schmitt, Richard Meffre, Carolina Ramon-Zarate, F. de Oliveira
Validation of a non-invasive cerebral temperature sensor: toward ambulatory circadian rhythm assessment Chris Mott, Guy Dumont, Diane B. Boivin, Michael Schmitt, André Dittmar
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Session 2
Mobile Patient Monitoring - applications and value propositions for personal health Rainer Herzog
The business of wearable electronics Jean Luprano
Service business models Cristiano Paggetti
Home based chronic disease management implementation using pHealth IT solutions and the digital platform : The Thessaloniki experience Nicos Maglaveras
Regional implementation of pHealth: the practical experience in the Catalan region Josep Roca
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Session 3
Wearable biofeedback systems using electronic textile sensors Richard Wu
Detection of nutrition phases and the eating microstructure using wearable sensors Olivier Amft, Gerhard Tröster
Clinical applications of a new textile-based wearable system for vital sign monitoring Marco di Rienzo, Francesco Rizzo, Paolo Castiglioni
Developing smart textiles for health monitoring: the benefits and the challenges
Robert Kalik
Practical versus Optimal:  ECG electrode placements for wearable clothing Chris Nugent, Dewar Finlay, M.P. Donelly, Norman D. Black
The development of electronic textile devices for healthcare applications Stewart Collie
Session package

Session 4
Wearables solutions for personal heathcare Joerg Habetha
Systems to monitor sweat Dermot Diamond
DNA and protein array platforms for label-free multi-analyte point-of-care analysis Carlotta Guiducci, Luca Benini, Bruno Riccò
Wearable Intelligent Sensors and Systems (WISS) for Mobile Healthcare Yuan-Ting Zhang
An intelligent system for monitoring motor functions Metin Akay
On wearables and pervasive healthcare: an in-depth assessment Sundaresan Jayaraman, Sungmee Park
Gesture and posture detection and classification using smart fabrics Danilo de Rossi
MERMOTH: MEdical Remote MOnitoring of cloTHes Jean-Luc Weber, Francis Klefstad-S., Fabrice Pirotte
Impedimetric sensors for label-free Point-of-Care immunoassay cardiac marker systems Eric McAdams
Objective and long term testing of textile sensors
Lieva Van Langenhove, Carla Herlteer, Philippe Westbroek, Jorgos Priniotakis
Session package

Session 5
Physiological monitoring using multiparameter analysis Jens Krauss
The Human++ program at the Holst Centre Bert Gyselinckx
Biophysical and biochemical sensors at Léti Regis Guillemaud
SenSAVE - a wearable multi-parameter monitoring system for cardiovascular diseases Stephan Kiefer
Biomedical Signal Transmission over non QoS heterogeneous channels and environments, with QoS restoration Francis Castanié, Corinne Mailhes, André-Luc Beylot
Experiences from integrated telecare and telehealth for elderly enabled by intelligent wrist-worn device Ilkka Korhonen
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Session 6
Medical applications of textiles containing optical fibers Markus Rothmaier, Bärbel Selm, Martin Camenzind, Tania Khan, Heinrich Walt
Nanotechnologies in life sciences
Raphael Pugin, Martha Liley
MEMSWear - microsystems that can be worn Francis Tay Eng Hock
Magnetic particles as mobile substrates on biochips Ulrike Lehmann, Caroline Vandevyver, Virendra K. Parashar, Martin Gijs
Bioimaging and functional genomics Elisa Ficarra, Giovanni de Micheli, Sungroh Yoon, Luca Benini, Enrico Macii
Multisensory textiles for health biomonitoring  Rita Paradiso
Session package

Promotional talk
IST Call 6 - your last chance to participate to FP6 ! Patrick Furrer
Best Practice in ECG Interoperability also for wearable health systems
Catherine Chronaki
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